Government Must Make and Enforce Law to Curb Cybercrime – Pastor Lekan Balogun, MD, Bitflux Communications-Interview conducted by Senior correspondent Tayo Adewusi.

As one of the top practitioner in the telecommunication ecosystem, can you say we have the necessary infrastructure we need to offer telecommunication seamlessly? There’s always room for expansion and improvement. As a licensed telecommunication service provider, we have done a lot for the networks. We have also signed on some partners and they are major mobile network operators and ... Read More »

TOP 20 CEOs IN ICT (SPECIAL APPEARANCE) Over 22 Million Nigerians Lack Access to Mobile Devices -OLUSOLA TENIOLA

OLUSOLA TENIOLA, engineer and President of Association of Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria [ATCON], spoke about the challenges and development in the telecoms industry as well as what led to the death of CDMA operators. Excerpt. Let’s look at the IT revolution in the last 17 years, beginning from year 2000, what is your scorecard? Well, you said it is a ... Read More »

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