Why 5G Adoption Is Very Critical

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The policies and incentives, according to a report, 5G will enable $13.2 trillion of global economic output in 2035.

 It also stated that the global 5G value chain will generate $3.6 trillion in economic output and support 22.3 million jobs in 2035.

This is approximately the combined revenue of the top-10 companies on the 2019 Fortune Global 1000.

 The 5G value chain will invest an average of $235 billion annually to continually expand and strengthen the 5G technology base within network and business application infrastructure.

Another crucial point is that, investment in and deployment of 5G will fuel sustainable long-term returns to global real GDP of which Nigeria would be at vantage position to benefit from.

 As Nigeria became conscious of the need to diversify the economy instead of total dependence on oil, agriculture will benefit from 5G in several ways.


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